A big win, a nationally televised bad haircut and now a WWE championship belt. It’s a big week for Kirk Cousins. 

Clearly not everyone thinks Kirk Cousins has lost his swagger. Cousins was awarded this week’s WWE title by Adam Carriker’s 4th and Pain show. As I mentioned last month, the belt is given to a deserving Redskins player each week, and the rookie’s performance under pressure earned him the honors. 

Cousins used his acceptance speech to show off some wrestling knowledge. 

“I think the Undertaker, after 20 years undefeated, I think you gotta look at either a big, big name from his era to come back and take him down,” he said, when asked who he thought could end Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. “Or you gotta look at a young up-and-comer who you’re trying to get going. I don’t even know who that would be, but I think it’s gotta be one of those two.”

As for his plans with the belt, Cousins isn’t doing anything crazy with it.

“I’ll probably wear it to meetings, keep it low key,” he said. “Maybe hang it around my apartment as decoration, and we’ll see.”

If he really wants people to not look at his haircut, he should just wear the belt everywhere.