courtesy Washington Wizards

On Sunday, Martell Webster hosted a holiday pajama party in the Wizards locker room for children from various community organizations.

“I read them ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and we had cookies and milk,” Webster told me during our bus ride on Monday. “I played ‘Black Santa.’ There was this one kid, he totally knew I wasn’t Santa. He was like, ‘Your beard doesn’t even attach to your face.’ It was hiliarious.”

After storytime, the kids got a present and went home, leaving behind one family that Webster and his wife, Courtney, had sponsored for the holidays.

“We set it up so that they were doing a fake interview, so they were facing the camera,” said Webster. “And I come in like, ‘Ho, ho, ho,’ and I’m riding the kid’s bicycle that I got him. And I had a big clothes hamper full of all their presents. His face was the greatest.”

Also the greatest is the thought of a 6-foot-7 “Black Santa” riding a children’s bicycle.