“As the day grew late and victory had been assured, a clamor rose in the stands behind FedEx Field’s northwest end zone yesterday afternoon,” my former colleague Les Carpenter once wrote, back in Jim Zorn’s first season. “It started small, buried in the throats of the heartiest few, the truest of believers and then slowly wafted into the afternoon sky. We want Dallas! We want Dallas! We want Dallas! ” It bounced from seat to seat, row to row, until it had blossomed into a minor roar.We want Dallas! We want Dallas! We want Dallas!

Look, that was a waste of a good chant. Chanting about Dallas in September of an 8-8 Jim Zorn season is silly. But if you wanted to get excited about next weekend’s home game against the Cowboys, on national television, to conclude the regular season, with a division title on the line, I think that’d be ok. Probably.

The Redskins themselves, it seems, are already excited.

“Since that clock said 0:00 when the referee threw the flag, I said ‘all right, let’s go and get the Cowboys, man,’ ” Darrel Young told reporters after Sunday’s win. “There’s nothing else on my mind right now.”

“I’m already ready to start gameplanning, man,” DeAngelo Hall said. “I’ll get with Haz and [Raheem Morris], on the plane, try to get up there and pick their brains and try to figure who’s gonna do what. This is what it’s about. This is what it’s about….You best believe we will be laying it all on the line next week.”

“I can’t wait,” Bryan Kehl told CSN Washington’s post-game show. “I hope they flex us to primetime, and we just go out there and beat America’s team in front of America.”

“What’s electric times 10?” Barry Cofield asked CSN Washington’s Rob Carlin. “Like a taser? That feeling I get when I taze myself? I mean, everyone will feel that in that stadium. It’s gonna be great. It’s what makes the NFL the best league in the world….It’s gonna be amazing.”

Other Redskins decided to express their enthusiasm via Twitter. Chris Baker, primarily. Like this.

And this.

And this.

Adam Carriker chipped in, from the injured list.

And Kevin Durant chipped in, from the NBA.

“HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!” he wrote. “9-6 with them cupcakes coming to Landover, MD next week.”

And it’s still just Monday.

(Images via @jennrubenstein and @recordsANDradio)