During his Redskins career, Chris Cooley has played with Patrick Ramsey and Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell and Todd Collins, Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman and John Beck.

Now he plays with Robert Griffin III. And he seems happy about that fact.

“It’s been pretty unbelievable, because everything he does is unbelievable,” Cooley said on ESPN Radio Friday morning, when asked about playing with RGIII. (Audio here.) “And it’s really neat to get the opportunity to play with a guy like that — in my opinion, a guy that’s starting to change the way offensive football is played in the NFL.

“He does so many things that incorporate an 11th player on offense that the defense has to account for,” Cooley continued. “Defensive schemes have always accounted for 10, and that’s just not the case anymore. He’s changing it completely.

“But beyond that, the guy is just such a good guy to be around,” Cooley said. “He just has such a positive aura. Everyone’s drawn to him, everyone wants to be around him. He’s such a real person in the locker room, he’s such a leader. Just, I guess, one of those special guys that’s just not that common, but it’s happening for us right now.”

Then Cooley was asked what he’s learned about Griffin since re-joining the team that he didn’t previously know.

“I’ll preface it with [saying] he came in almost as Mr. Perfect,” Cooley said. “And I think a lot of people thought ok, is this really gonna be real? And it was. But what I really didn’t know was how hard RGIII works. He had his knee problem three weeks ago. He did his treatment through the entire offensive meeting every single day. I mean, the guy never stopped doing treatment. Through meetings he had Bolster (?) Balls and all kinds of electric stuff going on, beeping in the back of the meeting. But he never stops working. And I think that’s been what impressed me the most. When you see that in a guy that’s the leader, when you see that in your quarterback — when you know he’s gonna work harder than anyone else — it gives you a lot of confidence in his ability to play.”

Before the interview ended, Cooley was asked to describe his own current role on the team.

“Uh,” he said. “I’m Rudy.”