How do you know that this Sunday night will be an old-school Redskins-Cowboys game? Because a few days out, Dexter Manley is giving outlandish interviews in which he rips Dallas.

The Redskins legend and all-time great quote made one of his regular WTOP appearances this week, and before he could be asked a single question, he made a little speech.

“First of all, before you guys get started, I must tell you, a lot of fans – I mean, at least two or three hundred – in this whole region have come up and talked to me,” Manley began. “And most of ‘em have had bad breath, and most of ‘em have hardly no teeth, whether black or white, and have run-over shoes. So that tells me that most of them have been Dallas Cowboys fans. They seem to be the ugliest people in the National Football League. I don’t understand that. Redskins fans, they wear a suit and tie, nice shoes, the heels not run-over, and no bad breath.”

And so on. Then Manley talked about the game a little bit. Then he was asked about the glory days of this rivalry.

“I’ll tell you what, it was just so much passion in this whole region,” he recalled. “Everyone disliked the Cowboys, except those probably two or three hundred fans that have bad breath and are sort of ugly. This is gonna be a hard-fought game, it’s for the crown jewel, the winner takes all, and I think what the Redskins’ defense is gonna have to do, eliminate the big play.”

And the crowd noise?

“I’ve been going to the games this season, and it almost has that [same] atmosphere as it was at RFK,” he said. “You know, the people, there’s so much electrifying [energy], and you hear the noise get going. The Baltimore game, you could hardly hear, and I think that made a big difference in the Redskins winning that football game. I think overall the 12th man will step up — that is, the 95,000 people that don’t have bad breath and run-over shoes.”

And, uh, the Cowboys fans?

“I don’t like ’em,” Manley concluded. “They all have bad breath.”

Got it.

By the way, Dexter’s official prediction was that Washington will win Sunday night. And then some.

“They’re gonna run the table,” he said. “Meaning they’re gonna go. I’ve got a gut feeling they’re going to the Super Bowl.”

(Via @colonelius.)