AP photo from the 1983 NFC title game.

One thing nearly all Redskins fans believe is that Fox analyst Troy Aikman — at least subtly — is forever biased against Washington. Doc Walker, the longtime Dallas hater and ESPN 980 talker, said as much during an interview with Mike Shanahan last week.

“We’re glad to see [NBC], because it means — and no disrespect — but no Troy, no Cowboys in the booth,” Walker said, as Shanahan chuckled. “I mean, I get so sick of every time we get in the position, that [ex-Cowboys are] here. So we like having a neutral booth.”

But Aikman would have you believe that he never actually considered the Redskins much of a rival hahahahahahahaha.

“Well, I’ll tell you, the rivalries that we had while I was playing seemed to shift around a little bit,” Aikman told Texas station 1310 The Ticket last week. “I mean, early on I felt like it was really more of the Eagles. Even though the Eagles didn’t win like the Giants had or even like the Redskins had, I felt that early on they were somewhat of the measuring stick, at least for us offensively. And then when we went through our Super Bowl run, that rivalry became the San Francisco 49ers, and then it kind of moved to the Green Bay Packers,

“So I don’t know that while I was playing we really felt the hatred towards a lot of the NFC East teams, the way that the NFC East teams feel towards the Cowboys,” Aikman continued. “You know, it’s interesting, when I got into broadcasting, I really did not — as naive as this may sound — as a player truly appreciate just how hated the Cowboys were by the Redskins, by the Eagles and by the Giants. Until you go to those towns, and you go to those games, and you say Wow!! 

“And I think the reason for that is because – not to sound smug or anything – but even long before I started playing, the Cowboys have enjoyed a lot of success against those teams, with Roger [Staubach] and all the great teams that he was a part of. And then we had enjoyed a fair amount of success against those teams as well. And so when you win, and you’re winning consistently, it’s hard to hate the other teams, you know.

“And so I don’t know that that rivalry while I was playing, or even now, has been what it was during the ‘70s,” Aikman said. “And the reason for that is because a rivalry is only as good as the two teams that are playing in it. And if only one of those teams is really good, then it kind of loses something. And so right now, with the Redskins having won the last meeting and now this game having some impact — I think RGIII and this team’s gonna be around for a while — I could very well see where the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry gets renewed somewhat like it was back in the ‘70s. Because these teams SHOULD be good for a while.”

(Via the Dallas Morning News.)