In the past few days, there have been reports of massive RGIII chants at a Wizards game and a random Greene Turtle, at the National Christmas tree and at Saturday night’s WWE Raw taping at Verizon Center.

Now, I worry that some of these reports may have been overblown. But the quantity of messages I received about the wrestling event — during which Robert Griffin III’s initials were apparently chanted about every time there was silence in the arena — indicates that this was a real event.

I mean, something is happening now in the District. It’s like Darrell Green said on WUSA’s Game On this week.

“This is such a fun time, a fun atmosphere for us,” the Hall of Famer said. “It’s a time of dreaming. It’s a time of hoping….You know, it’s funny. [The drought] can be forever, and then when it happens again, it’s like boom, we’re right back. I feel young again.”

(Videos via @primetimereds and @chaddukes.)