Since everyone likes photos of happiness, here are many photos of happiness, from around the region and around D.C.

The top image comes from Crystal City Sports Pub in Virginia. It’s by Post photographer Matt McClain.


Here is an image of four Redskins fans in London attempting to spell out HTTR at the London Eye by the Thames. Via @TheShayan.


Staying in Europe, here is how one fan was celebrating in the south of France on Monday afternoon. Via @cjscriven.


Then there was the scene at the stadium, with fans in full freak-out mode. Like this shot, via @RG3Woman.


We also got some professional photos there, like this one by Toni L. Sandys.


Fans paid tribute all over the place, like this dude who was making one of Alfred Morris’s hand gestures down at Florida Atlantic. Via @thaislip.


A Subway sandwich shop in Ashburn got in the spirit with a message on the sneeze shield. “Hail to the Redskins,” it reads. “DC Division Champions.” Via @ECQuez.


Also weird, the fan who decided to inscribe his hand-warmer with the important details of this game. Someday his grandchild will….I don’t know, put him in a home or something. Via @suckmybaltche.


Then there was this NFC East championship cake. Would have been hard to send that to poor kids in third world countries had the Cowboys won.


Oh right! The Cowboys! Almost forgot about them. Via @KingSenay.


And never forget who made this all possible. Via @HogsHaven.