There were some classic Redskins interviews after the team clinched its first NFC East title since 1999, but none was more classic than Joshua Morgan’s appearance on the Comcast SportsNet post-game set.

Wearing an NFC East champions hat and repeatedly riling up the crowd with his arms, Morgan admitted the Washington receivers stood right next to the Cowboys as they ran out of the FedEx Field tunnel before the game.

“We had to make a statement, honestly,” the D.C. native explained. “We’re always over there, anyway, and they came over there, trying to Deebo everything. They came in there trying to bully us honestly, and we got the W.”

First usage of “Deebo” on an NFL post-game show? First I’ve come across, anyhow.

“When we were 3-6 we just got angrier and hungrier, honestly,” Morgan said, continuing the anger theme. “We started playing every game like our backs was against the wall. I mean, honestly, that’s what it was. We knew what we’d been working for since OTAs. And since OTAs coach always told us we had a special group of character guys. And the talent was obvious, so all we had to do was put it together.”

Honesty note: I originally spelled it “Deebow.” Fixed.