When I posted that video from the Redskins’ 1983 Super Bowl parade a few weeks back, the thing that struck me most was how happy everyone looked. How a silly football team playing a silly game could make so many thousands of people so deliriously happy, together.

We’re not there yet, but there are sure a lot of happy Redskins fans right now. In that hugging-strangers-kind-of-happy way. If you need an example, see these videos taken from a Skins bar in Southern California. Or the below example from the watch party at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. Or the even further below example from FedEx Field, for as long as the NFL allows this one to stay on the Internet. That’s more than 80,000 people singing together. 

Or, at the very bottom, there’s the guy fulfilling his promise to tackle his Christmas tree. Maybe he’s more crazy than happy. But it’s a fine line.

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