Earlier, I posted a master list of people whose seemingly foolish positivity about the Redskins a few months ago has now been rewarded, people like Kyle Shanahan, Joe Theismann, Marion Barry, Robert Griffin III and someone named DJ Milly-Mil.

Well, I forgot someone. That would be ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who talked to ESPN 980 a couple days before the Redskins lost at home to the Panthers in dispiriting fashion.

“The Redskins, believe it or not, I don’t think have ever been better positioned for the future than they are now,” Schefter said. “I don’t care if they lose on Sunday to Carolina, I don’t care how dark the season may get – and it may not at all. If you were to pick a team that you wanted to be in the NFC East for the next 10 years, you would pick the Washington Redskins.”

In posting his remarks at the time, I was implicitly suggesting that Schefter was merely a frothing Mike Shanahan sycophant who would see a bright future when staring into a vat of fudge-coated mud. So he would apparently like a correction.

“I hope that they do another blog spot on this in The Washington Post,” Schefter said on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix Wednesday. “Are they gonna re-write it again now? I hope they do. That’d be great, right?”

I guess so. I mean, this isn’t really a great item. Only ok. Ish. But hey, he asked for a blog spot, and he’s gonna get one.

“You know what, here’s the deal: it still doesn’t change,” Schefter also said. “People were saying how could this be, they’re 3-6, fire Shanahan. And again it comes back to the point that when you have a quarterback, you have a chance. They’ve got arguably the most electric young quarterback in the game. So why would they not have a chance, as long as that guy is healthy?

“Look at all the people, all the teams that fired coaches and GMs this week?” Schefter continued. “You know what the common thread there is? Basically none of them had quarterbacks, ok? So when you have a quarterback, you are built to win in this league.

“And I also said at that time that Mike was the right guy,” Schefter said. “People said well, I’m defending him. But the fact of the matter is I saw that Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported this week that they want to engage in contract-extension talks, so somebody must think he’s a pretty good coach.”

Were you, too, eerily prescient about the 2012 Redskins? Would you like me to write a blog spot about your brilliance? Just let me know.