(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

We’ve talked before about Josh LeRibeus’s cursing habit, and during a call with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan Monday, he had to be censored twice for slip-ups. After his interview, the tattletale radio duo got LeRibeus’s mom, Debbie, on the phone to talk about it. 

“He’s from Texas,” she explained. “That’s how we do stuff around here. That’s how we roll. And he’s just, you know, that’s Josh. That’s Ribeye, that’s my kid.”

The mom of the Redskins lineman is sweet as pie, and as sweet moms sometimes do, she went on to embarrass her son with a childhood story.

“He was, I think, probably three,” she began, after describing LeRibeus as a horrible child. “And his little brother was 13 months younger than him, so basically we had both of them in a stroller and we’re rolling them around the huge county fair where we all grew up in South Texas. And he wanted to throw darts, you know, there’s the lady with all the balloons and the three darts on the stand. They were those long, sharp darts and we said no. And he talked like a little kid. Instead of saying ‘I want to play,’ he’d say ‘My playing. My playing.’ He just kept on and on and on.

“He was a big kid at that time,” she continued. “And he really wanted to play and we would not let him. His dad and I would not let him. And he just picked up one of those darts — like I said, he was a big kid and he could reach. And he picked it up and said, ‘My playing,’ as loud as he could and stabbed the lady in the hand with the dart.”

Well, the Josh LeRibeus we know now wouldn’t do that. Although it is fun to picture him running around the field at FedEx yelling “My playing” and tackling people. 

Mama LeRibeus is an admitted Cowboys fan, but revealed that she’s ready to give up that bad habit. 

“Up until April of this year, yes, I unfortunately was a Cowboys fan,” she said. “When I do go up there, eventually I’ll make my way up there for a home game, I’m going to bring all of my memorabilia and Aikman rookie card and all of this stuff that I’ve acquired and I’m gonna burn it for you guys.”