By Matt McClain/The Washington Post.

In the past few days, lots of people have reveled in pointing out all the prognosticators who buried the Redskins before this season.

That’s a fine and worthy pursuit, but this item is devoted to the reverse: people who went out on a limb made of limp spaghetti to predict a 2012 playoff berth for the Redskins, and who were thus roundly mocked, including by me.

That list has to start with Kyle Shanahan. Surely you remember his on-field pre-game speech in Week 17 last year, prior to their horrific loss to the Eagles, as captured by Comcast SportsNet?

“Hey, about an hour ago, their D coordinator told us, told [offensive line coach Chris] Foerster, that if the Giants would have lost last week, they were in the playoffs,” young Shanahan said. “He didn’t mention that they still had to beat us today. [Bleep] him, [bleep] these guys, In 2012 the Redskins are gonna be the NFC East champions, and that starts right [bleeping] today.”

That’s called calling your shot.


Also in that category? This fellow, who was interviewed by WJLA’s Alex Parker at the RGIII draft celebration.

“What do you expect the first season?” Parker asked.

“10-6,” the fan said.

“Oh no,” Parker said. “10-6?”

“10-6, yeah,” the fan said.

“DJ Milly-Mil has been a loyal Washington Redskins fan since he was 5 years old and his bold prediction before the Skins played their first game has come true,” reads the video’s caption.

Want more? How about Joe Theismann, asked before the season whether 10-6 was feasible.

“You know, I think it’s very conceivable that number can be reached,” Theismann told Mike Wise. “I really do.”

Or how about Marion Barry, in August.

“Now I do think we’re gonna at least get to the playoffs,” the Mayor For Life said. “I think that’s realistic.”

Then there was Robert Griffin III, talking to ESPN 980 as the Redskins entered their bye week at 3-6.

“I think we can still make the playoffs,” he said at the season’s low point. “Maybe people think I’m naïve for thinking that, but I think we have the right guys to win. It’s just about them coming back with the right mindset.”

Guess they did.

(Kyle link via @thebrowncoat. Video via @recordsANDradio. RGIII link via @matt_terl.)