In possibly the silliest thing anyone wrote about the Nats last season, Bloomberg View’s Jonathan Mahler urged the country to cheer against D.C.’s baseball team because some people who live in D.C. like them.

“Fans of a winning team are almost always annoying,” he wrote in October. “But when they are also policy makers and newscasters, it’s somehow especially nauseating.”

Well, you’ve got to figure Mahler is suddenly a big Seahawks fan. As was oft-mentioned on Sunday night, Dan Snyder’s guests in the owner’s box included Alan Greenspan and Chris Wallace (and also, for a time, Bob Costas).

And then there was Democratic strategist and MSNBC talking head Doug Thornell, asked to make a shameless plug Monday morning by my colleague Chris Cillizza.

“RGIII,” Thornell said, holding up this jersey.

“I’m not familiar with his work,” Cillizza said.

“NFC East champions,” Thornell continued. “I’ve been waiting 13 years to say this.”

“Is Heath Shuler still the quarterback?” Cillizza countered.

Famous DC grabbed video of the incident, and contacted Thornell for comment.

“For all the talk of the fiscal cliff, the fans of the burgundy and gold know there is nothing more important in this town than stomping on Dallas and going to the playoffs,” he explained.

(Top image via @bpetray. Thornell image via @DCBrady.)