Yesterday I posted a video of a Redskins-themed New Year’s Eve proposal with a happy ending. Little did I know that this proposal took weeks to plan, and required the help of a few friends and family to pull off.

“I knew I wanted to do something around the holidays with a group of friends and surprise,” Travis Funkhouser, 29, told me. “We’re both huge Redskins fans.”

Funkhouser decided to use his family’s holiday Secret Santa tradition to pop the question to his girlfriend, Laura Begosh, also 29. He ponied up $90 for a custom “Marry Me” Redskins jersey and arranged for a friend to bring it as a gift contribution. Funkhouser rigged the numbers of the gift exchange so that Begosh would pick last, and then had a different friend switch gifts with her so that the wrapped jersey would end up with his bride-to-be.

“I was afraid something would go wrong,” said Funkhouser, while explaining the complicated proposal process. “I was more nervous that someone would mess up than anything else.”

Fortunately, everyone played their parts perfectly and the surprise went off without a hitch in front of about a dozen friends and family, and Funkhouser made sure he brought along a 1.06 karat princess cut diamond to sweeten the deal.

The couple, who have been together for more than four years, haven’t started discussing details of the nuptials, but maybe the lucky bride would be amenable to a Redskins-themed detail or two. “Hail to the Redskins” as the newly-married couple is announced? RGIII socks under her gown? Perhaps a Redskins jersey instead of a tux?

“I wouldn’t be opposed to that,” Funkhouser laughed. “But we’ll probably go a more traditional route. Unless Dan Snyder calls me tomorrow and says, ‘You can have your wedding in my stadium whenever you want.’”

Your move, Mr. Snyder.