On days when Robert Griffin III addresses the media at Redskins Park, a sea of reporters, producers and other sportsy people descend upon the facility. There are usually a few faces who wouldn’t normally bother being in Ashburn, if not for the combination of RGIII and a winning record. 

Yesterday was such a day, and the team decided to hold the afternoon’s pressers in the auditorium to accommodate the crowd. Griffin took advantage of the situation, and managed to hide himself among the seated media. At one point during Coach Mike Shanahan’s news conference, he got hold of a microphone.

“Coach, we just wanted to know,” Griffin said, before both he and Shanahan started cracking up.  

“You got me by surprise there,” said a still laughing Shanahan. “Who is this guy?”

Griffin went on to ask Shanahan what he did for New Year’s Eve. Winning teams are fun, huh?