By Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post.

More highlights from a week of Seattle sports-talk radio.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner, on the Redskins offense, to KJR: “Everybody has an assigned job, whether it was to cover the quarterback or cover the running back. When they do get into that pistol offense, we have a certain defense that we run against it. And if everybody do their job, they’re not gonna run on us….They’re the No. 1 rushing team in the league, I think. As soon as we shut down the run, they’re gonna have to resort to the pass, and that makes them one-dimensional. So that makes knowing what they have to do easier to guess, just because they know they can’t run the ball so they have to pass.”

Defensive end Bruce Irvin, on the crowd noise, to ESPN 710: “It can’t be no louder than the Link. You’re standing two or three feet away from each other, and when everybody’s cheering in the Link you can’t hear nothing. So we’re pretty used to playing in a loud environment. I think we’ll be fine.”

Voice of the Seahawks Steve Raible, to ESPN 710: “Somebody had to remind me in fact that we haven’t won a playoff game on the road — and I bite my tongue when I say this — in 29 years. But that, I think — I feel pretty strongly about it — that one’s gonna go out the window this weekend….I just think the Seahawks, given everything I’ve seen them do in the last half of this season, I believe they’re gonna win the football game.”