About three-and-a-half minutes into overtime Friday night, the Wizards seized an eight-point lead over the visiting Nets. This game, it seemed, was in the bag.

“If the Wizards blow this I’ll do the sportscast without a shirt on!” WUSA sports anchor Dave Owens tweeted somewhere around that time.

In other words, he was betting his professional dignity on the 2012-2013 Washington Wizards. Bad move. The Wizards gave up 11 straight points to fall behind by three, forced double-overtime on a Bradley Beal three-pointer, and ultimately lost.

And thus, here is Dave Owens. You see what you’ve done, Wizards?

Next thing you know, little children will be wagering their allowances on your overtime prowess, Wizards. Don’t fail them.

(Images via @Geiger235 and @tomcblock.)