Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post


I found Rob Brown, Michael Brown and Adam Mays walking around the first level concourse at FedEx Field yesterday, before the Redskins’ season ended with a loss to the Seawhawks. Their choice of attire compelled me to stop them and ask a simple question. Why?

“We went to lunch before the game today, and there was a costume shop next door,” Rob explained.  “All of the Thanksgiving and Christmas costumes were half off. So we figured we might as well get some outfits for the game.”

Rob Brown and Mays are both in the Navy, the first in Annapolis and the latter in Norfolk, and along with Rob’s brother, Michael, they decided to make their trip to root on the Redskins a memorable one. But how many drinks during that lunch led to the decision to dress in holiday pageantry?

“I had one drink [at lunch],” Rob Brown laughed. “But we were still pretty messed up from the night before.”

Also running around the stadium was a fan dressed in a bunny costume, with a Redskins headband and a T-shirt advertising a D.C. club. 

“It’s just something that I love to do,” he told me. “It’s my entertainment, so I’m out here repping the Redskins.”

Yeah right. Why are you really wearing it?

“Okay, I really lost a bet,” he admitted. “I’m a Cowboys fan. I made a bet with my boss. I’m happy to rep the Redskins, though. RGIII, baby!”

Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post