Via Bleacher Report.
Via Bleacher Report.


You think you were annoyed by the Seahawks on Sunday night? Um, well, the Redskins were more annoyed.

“You know what, I’m not gonna say they’re a very dirty team, but some of their players are dirty out there,” fullback Darrel Young told ESPN 980’s Chris Russell and USA Today’s Jim Corbett on Monday. “I mean, Alfred Morris is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Everyone knows that. Obviously you guys know that. Red Bryant tried to step on him after a play, hit him in the head, all that stuff. I don’t appreciate that stuff.

“And we’ll see them again,” continued the normally reserved Young. “I guarantee you that. At the end of the day, you’re a competitor, a lot of emotions going on in that game — you don’t do stuff like that, though. We’ll see them again, man. When Alfred comes to the sidelines cursing, you’ve got a problem, because this is a kid that doesn’t curse. But we’ll see. I’m not gonna talk trash. They won. It’s all good. But we’ll see ‘em again.”

Like, see ’em again when? Soon? Every week, if Young were in charge. Sixteen games of nothing but Seattle.

“I hope, I hope we’ve got Seattle on the schedule right now,” Young said. “First game, I want to play them. If we could play them in the preseason, we’ll play them. First game, we’ll play ’em again. At least three or four times.”

NFL schedules don’t typically work like that, but it seems the Redskins are anxious. Young compared Seattle to St. Louis in their volume of trash-talking, and singled out Richard Sherman as being especially noisy.

“That’s childish, man,” Young said. “Hey, you do what you do to win, whatever, I don’t care. But taunting the head coach and stuff? You never know when you’re gonna need to play for Shanahan. I mean, he’s a good player, but chill out a little bit, you know?

“He was just taunting [Shanahan] on the sidelines, doing stuff. I wanted to go out there and punch him myself, just because I respect Shanahan for everything he did. He was just taunting, like you’re not gonna throw the ball over here. Like, listen guy, you got lucky a couple times, you held Pierre, should have been a touchdown. Just stupid stuff….He’s a competitor — at the end of the day, that’s what he felt. He felt like we weren’t good enough, and we tried to go after him, and they just did a good job.”

(Many thanks to ESPN 980 for the audio.)