One thing’s for sure: no matter how you feel about Mike Shanahan’s decision to roll with an injured Robert Griffin III in the second half Sunday night, you’re probably not likely to change your opinion at this point.

No no no, actually, two things are for sure: That fact still won’t stop me from posting 7,000 blog items on the topic.

To start, it would appear that many high-profile media voices come down on the same side as the many fans who felt that an ineffective and barely mobile RGIII should have been planted on the bench well before his knee crumpled. A sampling:

Peter King: “Griffin was so obviously not himself, and so tentative moving around, and the Redskins and their medical staff should have seen this….By the middle of the second quarter, it was obvious to anyone watching that a healthy Cousins would have been a better option than a limping Griffin.”

Dan Wetzel: “Griffin didn’t have a coach Sunday. He had Mike Shanahan, who looked at this mess, looked at each hapless Redskins drive, looked at every painful RG3 step, looked at every awkward, overthrown pass, and instead bought Griffin’s weak arguments and then closed his eyes and lied to himself that it would all turn out OK.”

Josh Levin: “When it was time to make a tougher call, Shanahan didn’t do it. Like RGIII said, you have to step up and be a man sometimes. Shanahan didn’t step up, and he won’t get fired for it. That’s because these are the playoffs, and these guys are competitors. Tape an aspirin to it. Let’s play.”

Boz: “Someday there may be a statue of Griffin outside FedEx Field. But not if the Redskins keep letting him play when he is one.”

Rick Snider: “Mike Shanahan was in denial, and that ended the Washington Redskins’ season. The coach should have removed quarterback Robert Griffin III after he obviously tweaked his knee in the first quarter with Washington ahead by two touchdowns.”

Dan Graziano: “He should have come out of the game. It’s really that simple, and it’s not hindsight. Anybody who watched Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III hobble through the second and third quarters of his team’s season-ending, 24-14 playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at FedEx Field could see that (A) he was badly hurt and (B) he was hurting his team’s chances.”

Dave Kindred: “Whatever reputation Shanahan had is forever scarred by this. He’ll praise RG3’s stones. Will he admit his stoneheaded decisions? Time to strip six words across the top of WaPo’s A1, floating in white space inside a black border: FIRE SHANAHAN. NOW. YOU KNOW WHY.”

Nice, peaceful start to the offseason.



London Fletcher, on the end of a season:

“I’m so proud of this team. Besides winning the Super Bowl [XXXIV with the Rams], this is the best feeling I’ve had around a football team. It all starts with our head coach, Coach Shanahan. He’s the leader, he laid the blueprint for us on this run, and I don’t think he gets enough credit for what he was able to do.”



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