Alex Ovechkin’s sojourn in Russia did not appear to hurt his T-shirt game at all.

This is the outfit he wore when meeting the D.C. media corps on Tuesday. The text was variously translated as “What, I am the most beautiful one here again?” (Slava Malamud), “Am I really the prettiest one here, again?” (Associated Press) and “Am I really the most attractive one here, again?” (random person on Twitter).

Either way, Ovechkin seems not to have planned on Yahoo Sports’s Greg Wyshynski showing up for the availability.

That’s where I got the screengrab, incidentally. Also, this quote, about his recent engagement to Maria Kirilenko.

“You can’t do whatever you want anymore,” Ovechkin said. “When you have a girl with a tennis racquet and she can hit you.”

Pretty sure Dostoevsky wrote that first. Or maybe Gogol.

You can purchase the shirt here, if you’d like, via Russian Machine.