The sorry state of FedEx Field’s playing surface continues to be a hot-button topic days after the Redskins’s season ended. More developments from Wednesday:

* Seattle fullback Michael Robinson took a video of the playing surface before the game, as seen on SportsRadio KJR’s web site. This is one screenshot of the video, which needs to be watched to appreciate. The dialog goes like this:

Robinson: “The soil over here is bad, man….This is terrible. This is terrible.”

Voice off-camera: “This is painted dirt. This is all dirt they painted. It’s painted dirt. It’s just painted.”

Robinson: “Yeah. That’s all it is. I’m surprised they didn’t dump sand in the middle. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. I saw it on film, but I thought it was a little bit better. Look at this, man, this is crazy.”

Voice: “You get two plays run right here and it’s over.”

Robinson: “I know, it’s over. Pre-game, it’s gonna be done.”

Voice: “I don’t understand why they didn’t rip this up.”


* Kicker Kai Forbath was asked about the field during a December appearance on BT Sports Radio.

“Let me ask you, have you or Danny Smith or anybody with the team, have they said anything to the people at FedEx Field who are in charge of maintaining the condition of the field?” Forbath was asked. “Because let’s face it, during the Baltimore game, the turf wasn’t exactly resembling the fairways at Augusta National.”

“You know, I ask the same question,” Forbath replied. “I haven’t really gotten any answers about it, but I’m not really in a place to complain, because it hasn’t really affected the results yet.”

“So have you talked to Danny Smith about it?” the kicker was asked. “Are you guys like, what the hell’s going on here?”

“Yeah, he knows,” Forbath said. “He knows. I don’t know what there is to do. Apparently I heard that they did re-sod it, and with the weather, how it’s been, it just can’t re-grow grass right now. That’s the answer I got.”


* Photographer Brian Murphy wrote a blog item on the field conditions, noting that “as someone who stands on the sidelines during Redskins games — both home and away — I can confidently tell you that the playing field at FedEx Field is easily one of the worst in the entire NFL.”

* Tampa Bay kicker Connor Barth sent out this tweet, which Forbath re-tweeted:

* Rush Limbaugh ended up talking about the field during a discussion of the team nickname. “It was the field, the rotten Redskins field that caused Clemons to blow out his knee,” Limbaugh said. “That field was in bad shape.”

* The Washington Times’s Nathan Fenno reminded me that players were outraged by the conditions of the field last year, following the Army-Navy game.

“Jammal Brown said the bad field contributed to his groin injury during warmups,” Rick Maese reported then.

“Orakpo called the FedEx Field turf ‘messed up’ and ‘the worst I’ve played on in my life,’ ” Fenno reported then.

Here’s an image of the field from December of last year, taken by Murphy.

By Brian Murphy/Homer McFanboy.