If you’ve ever watched or listened to Sonny Jurgensen’s postgame locker room interviews for the Redskins Radio Network, you’ll know that they’re less interviews than conversations, with Jurgensen at time forgoing “questions” in favor of “statements” or “proclamations” or “directives.”

I didn’t listen to the postgame show on Sunday. But when I heard Jeanne McManus on ESPN 980’s Tony Kornheiser show talking about Jurgensen’s postgame conversation with RGIII, I went back to check it out. You can watch it here. It’s pretty fascinating.

“How bad is your knee?” Jurgensen asked.

“I don’t know how bad it is,” Griffin admitted. “People on this team know what I had to deal with to get out there every day, just to practice and to play. But at the end of the day, I’m their quarterback. This is my team, and I’ve got to be out there, ready to play with them.”

“I know you wanted to be out there, but sometimes you have to think more of the whole and say, I’m not 100 percent, coach, I can’t help, put in Kirk,” Jurgensen said, in one of his non-question moments.

Then he put the mic back in front of Griffin.

“Uh. You know, I don’t feel that way,” the rookie told the Hall of Famer. “I’ll say it time and time again: I’m their quarterback. It doesn’t matter what percentage I am. There at the end of the game, I took myself out of the game after I went down because I knew I couldn’t do it. And then they put Kirk in. If you can play, you play. That’s just how it goes. And they know that, they know I’m gonna play no matter what. And I don’t feel like me playing out there hurt the team in any way.”