While I was driving my daughter to school on Thursday morning, I suddenly wondered if Robert Griffin III had been mentioned in more Washington Post stories than Barack Obama this week.

Well, he hasn’t. And it isn’t particularly close. But I’ve been unable to find anyone other than the President who was mentioned in more stories than Griffin over the past seven days.

These figures are via Nexis searches, which aren’t always 100 percent accurate. But they’re pretty close. Some notable names:

Barack Obama 153

Robert Griffin III 70

Mike Shanahan 45

John Boehner 31

Mitch McConnell 19

Joe Biden 17

John Kerry 13

Eric Cantor 9

Nancy Pelosi 9

Randy Wittman 9

Jay Carney 8

Vladimir Putin 7

John Wall 7

Ted Leonsis 6

Alex Ovechkin 6

Stephen Strasburg 6

Michelle Obama 5

Harry Reid 5

Hillary Clinton 4

Meanwhile, there have been RGIII knee stories on A1 of the paper for four days in a row, which I’m sure sets some sort of injured athlete record. The top image was from Monday’s paper; here are the next three days, in order.


Tuesday there was a news story about the trip to Florida and the likely ACL issue.


Wednesday was Sally Jenkins’s no-holds-barred column about the decision to keep Griffin on the field.


Thursday was the “city reacts” scene story.