Before this week of knees finally ends, one last spasm of Mike Shanahan RGIII-related criticism.

Fran Tarkenton, to Bleacher Report: “This was the stupidest thing I’ve seen in pro football….[Mike Shanahan] is supposed to be a father figure on the sideline, isn’t he? He’s got to be the adult in the room! You’ve got Andrews on the sideline; I know Jimmy Andrews and if I can see that he can’t play, Shanahan should be able to see that from the sideline. I’m watching him warm up, he’s got no right leg!”

Gregg Doyel, on “I don’t see how Mike Shanahan can coach again. Not after what he did to Robert Griffin III — and yes, this sentence is phrased exactly the way it’s intended. What happened to RG3 didn’t simply happen. It was done to him. By his coach.”

(Richard Lipski/Associated Press)

Maureen Dowd, in the New York Times: “Like Congress patching gaping fiscal wounds, the Redskins didn’t seem to fathom that they were damaging the franchise long term. ‘Trying to win that game, they risked 120 victories over the next 10 years,’ the writer David Israel told me. ‘That’s crazy.’ “

Gene Weingarten, on this Web site: “The second part, the cowardice part, is one he should be ashamed of, as a man. The score is 14-0, a rout. If you take out your franchise quarterback, and then lose, you will be adjudged to have made a terrible mistake. This is where the ‘character’ part of the equation kicks in. Shanahan failed, and he deserves to be held accountable.”

Drew Magary, in Deadspin: At some point, there will be a team that decides to start implementing run counts for its quarterbacks. They won’t go by feel, or the flow of the game. They will say to their head coach, ‘This player will have a maximum of 20 designed runs over the season and 40 scrambles. No more than that.’ “

Jeff Pearlman, on “Were RGIII his son (and not merely his quarterback), would he have sent him back on the field, sans a leg? Would he have forced Kyle to face one of the NFL’s most vicious defenses without a full arsenal? Shanahan should have thought of all the retired NFL players who can no longer walk, can no longer drive, can no longer feed themselves, who — in the name of toughness and staying on the field — are pathetic shells of their former selves.”

Steve Czaban, on ESPN980: “This coach forced this quarterback on essentially a Bataan Death March of two-and-a-half quarters into a crumpled heap on a field of dirt.”


* The NFLPA issued issued a public plea for the Redskins to improve the quality of the playing surface at FedEx Field.

* Jason Reid, on the future: “Whenever Griffin returns to the football field, he’ll have to change his approach in order to stay on it. The team’s most important player must show as much maturity in games as he does while commanding the interview room.”

* Tracee Hamilton, on the rehab: “He’ll be back to pulling tires, eating Subway sandwiches and washing them down with Gatorade before we know it.”

* On the Wizards’ 2011 draft class: “Vesely, Singleton and Mack comprised a 2011 NBA draft class that was meant to enhance the rebuilding efforts for a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008. But less than two years later, the team continues to struggle and await consistent production.”


Brooks Laich, on the lockout:

“I’m honestly really embarrassed by the lockout, like personally embarrassed,” Laich said. “I feel terrible about it. I feel like we just punched our sport in the face. And I feel bad for everybody that was affected by it directly or indirectly.”



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The saddest Robert Griffin III license plate of all time. Via @HTTR24_7.


Laid-off Washington Times college sports writer and my pal, to the Sherman Report: “I’m hoping I have more tomorrows than yesterdays in my career.”


More specifically, he offers “a note of apology and empathy,” writing that “I know Capitals fans – and hockey fans around the world – agonized the past few months; I apologize for my role in not being able to help us reach a more timely agreement. I’m sorry it took this long.”

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