Caps goalie Michal Neuvirth showed off his new mask to Mike Vogel of Caps 365 this week, and it’s a dandy. (Video below. Yes, Neuvirth was also wearing this in Europe, but nothing that happens in Europe actually counts.) Neuvirth told Vogel that he wanted two sides to the mask, one paying tribute to the Caps, and one to his Czech heritage.


“So on the Czech side, I have a Czech legend goalie, [Jiri] Holeček,” Neuvirth explained. “He was a big superstar back home, he used to be one of the best goalies before Hasek showed up, so that’s why I picked him. I’ve [also] got a little Prague, my home town. And on the other side I wanted to have a goalie legend from Caps, so I had to pick Olie.”

That’s “Olie” as in Kolzig, who is also an associate goaltender coach in the Caps organization. Not many coaches in pro sports are pictured on the uniforms of their players.

“I haven’t talked to him actually about that,” Neuvirth told Vogel. “So I’m excited to see him.”