By Jonathan Newton – TWP.

Every time I write anything about Vinny Cerrato, several readers complain that he is no longer newsworthy or interesting currently relevant to their lives.

To those of you ready to play that card, I present this news: Vinny Cerrato now has a national radio show. It was announced earlier this month. He’s the CBS Sports Radio co-host on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with his Baltimore co-host, Rob Long.

“We’ve put together a tremendous lineup of experienced hosts from some of the most well-regarded sports stations,” said Eric Spitz, CBS Sports Radio director of programming, said in the release. “Weekends are where the action is in the sports world and CBS Sports Radio will provide our listeners with cutting edge analysis, high profile interviews and late breaking news.”

See? News. So I’m now clear to post anything I want to about Vinny Cerrato in this space.

Which brings me to last week’s “Ask the GM” session on his Baltimore show, in which Cerrato was asked a whole bunch of questions about his NFL personnel career, including one about why he rejoined the Redskins for a second stint during Steve Spurrier’s tenure.

“What led to me going back was I had just finished doing a show at ESPN,” Cerrato recalled. “Drove back to my in-laws in New Jersey. It was the last game of the season on that Sunday. I get a call about 11:30, quarter to 12. It wasn’t from Dan but it was from somebody that was with Dan, one of his guys. And he said Dan wants to talk to you. I said ok. And I hadn’t talked to him in nine months.

“And Dan said to me, he said ‘Listen, I’ve talked to a bunch of the owners and they’ve got somebody in the box that they can yell at. Can you come back so I can yell at you in the box?’ That was the conversation.”

Applause. Whistles. Standing Ovation. Best Cerrato story ever.

And why did Cerrato leave the Redskins that first time?

“Marty Schottenheimer,” he explained. “Marty came in. First time he saw me he said ‘Oh, we’ve got to live together.’ I said yeah, ok. And then even his brother told me you’ve got to watch out for Marty, he’s an egomaniac. And then when Marty fired me, the biggest reason why Marty got rid of me, he didn’t want anybody that could go talk to Dan. And I had a good relationship with Dan. And he wanted to be able to control it all himself. He wanted to act like he was the owner. That’s why he only lasted nine months.

“You know why I didn’t like Marty?” Cerrato continued. “When he fired Foge Fazio, who went to school with Marty in Pittsburgh, Marty called him in and had him sit in the lobby and wait while he’s eating a bowl of spaghetti. And then has him come in while he’s eating spaghetti and tell him that he’s not gonna bring Foge back, which I thought was total BS. But that’s Marty Schottenheimer.

“And then Marty told me ‘I’ll allow you to go talk to Dan,’ ” Cerrato went on. “I said ‘You’re just the coach, he’s the owner, you’re gonna ALLOW me to go talk to Dan? I appreciate that, man.’ And then I walked down and talked to Dan, I said Dan, what’d you do? He said I gave him all the power, there’s nothing I can do.”

Then Long asked Cerrato if he has had overtures from NFL teams to get back in the game since his departure from the Skins.

“I had a chance to go back,” Cerrato said. “What was it, last year, 12 months ago, 14 months ago? Something like that. Called me like three times. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to go into that situation. If I ever did it again, I’d want to go back to a situation that I enjoyed the people that I was gonna be with, it was gonna be fun. Because I don’t have to go back, I don’t need to go back. It’s not something that I have to do financially. I don’t have to do it. And if I go back, it’s gonna be to a situation that I want to go back to, people that I enjoy working for and I want to go work with and have fun with and go win with.”

Like, any current examples?

“There would be only one to intrigue me to go back, just because it’s a good friend,” he said. “If it wasn’t Notre Dame it’d be Texas, just because of Mack Brown. And it wouldn’t be because of Texas; it’d be because of Mack Brown. If Mack Brown was at North Carolina, I’d say North Carolina. Because of my relationship with Mack Brown, he and I see the same things. So that would be a guy that I would enjoy. I like him, I like the way he coaches, I’ve consulted for him. That would be somebody that I would have fun with and I could work for, and I wouldn’t mind doing it.”

Then, Long implied that there is some deeper story behind many of Cerrato’s most-derided personnel moves in Washington, and he asked Cerrato why he doesn’t make that clear and tell the true story.

“I don’t see any reason to do it,” Cerrato said. “I just have no reason to do it. It’ll be in my book, where I can make money on it. I don’t see any reason why.”

And then Long asked Cerrato why he has pursued a media career.

“I love talking about it,” the former GM said. “I can still watch film, I can still do everything that I did. I can talk about football, I can talk about sports, I can watch film, I can prepare for the draft, I can still do all those things, and I can educate people about football. I like talking about it. I can go out to Ravens practice, I can go to Ravens games, do the post-game, and I have no pit in my stomach. When the game’s over I can go home. I can coach 9-u football.”

And finally, Long asked Cerrato whether it’s safe to say he’s done as an NFL GM.

“Yeah, I would say that,” Cerrato said. “Hey, I’m into radio. I like doing what I’m doing. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing. It would take something out of the ordinary.”