By Evan Vucci/Associated Press.

Over the past week or so, it’s become trendy for professional sports talkers to ask this question: You’re starting an NFL franchise this week. Pick one quarterback out of Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III.

(No, Beck/Grossman is not typically offered as a selection. Neither is Gabbert.)

Anyhow, Chris Cooley was on WRC with Dan Hellie this week, and he was asked that very question. Cooley could have made some serious national headlines if he chose someone other than his teammate. He did not, however, so he only makes a D.C. Sports Bog headline.

“I’m enamored with RGIII,” Cooley said. “He is my pick.”

“You have a man crush on Robert Griffin,” Hellie offered.

“I’ll say a man crush,” Cooley assented. “I’ll take RGIII. They’re all great quarterbacks. You could build a team around all [four] of those guys. But I think RGIII is my guy.”