Wins and losses aside, I have nothing but positive feelings toward Randy Wittman. At least in his dealings with the media, he’s honest, he’s heartfelt, he’s patient, he’s quotable and he’s interesting. Also, losses seem to rip giant gaping holes of regret in his intestinal tract, filling his very being with raging bilious contempt for the world as it is. He doesn’t like to lose, in other words.

So I watched Monday night’s press conference, hoping to see Wittman smile about his team’s three-game winning streak and impressive blowout victory, smile about the possibilities for happiness that life affords.

There was a little bit of smiling, a little bit of happiness.

“That was as good of basketball as we’ve played all year long,” Wittman said to begin. “Offensively, as I told them, that was a beautiful thing tonight, to watch that.”

But there was also something I’ve never noticed before: lots and lots and lots of finger-pointing. Not figurative finger pointing. Actual jabs of his fingers, into his face.

Now, one of the most popular features I’ve ever done on this blog (at least among residents of my home) was the Faces of Zorn. (See here, and here, and here, and here, and here.) This was my dogged tribute to the many faces Jim Zorn made during his Redskins press conferences. Faces of Wittman might not be as colorful a feature, but golly, for one day, I’m paying tribute to just how many times the guy poked himself in the face.

This is all out of love, it goes without saying. And these are all separate pokes.