By Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press.

The Caps have eight back-to-backs in their abbreviated 2013 schedule, tied for 18th in the league and slightly below the league average of 8.6.

The Caps will travel 17,763 miles in their 2013, 21st in the league, and easily less than any other Southeast Division team, according to On The Forecheck.

Now, part of this is obviously geography. But GM George McPhee recently suggested that part of this is thanks to the team’s approach in dealing with the NHL offices.

“I think as schedules go, in relation to the rest of the league, we did pretty well,” McPhee told DC101’s Elliot Segal this week. “I don’t love it, but it’s better than a lot of them. And it’s better than a lot of ’em because we really cooperate with the league. We give them a lot of dates, we keep them updated on what dates are available from week to week. There are some clubs that don’t do that very well and don’t submit dates very well, and as a result get real poor schedules.

“But that’s one thing that we work on real hard here, is cooperating with the league and giving them everything they need,” McPhee continued. “And they cooperate with us and give us schedules that are fair and reasonable. They’re not going to, on a competitive basis, give us advantages, certainly. But they give us what we need because we cooperate.”

This is not something I’ve heard before. I’m not sure which teams don’t submit dates well, and how they are affected by that failure, but it kind of sounds interesting.

The discussion happens just before the 18 minute mark in this video.