“Roger Bernadina arrived today, and he is probably the leader in clubhouse for Best Shape of His Lifeiest player here,” Kilgore wrote last February. “He looked more like a strong safety than a left fielder.”

“The guy is a Greek god,” teammate Chad Tracy said last summer. “I’ve played against him but you don’t realize how solid he is until you see him with his shirt off.”

Well, Bernadina just posted this photo of himself after a workout. He still seems to be working out. And since the D.C. Sports Bog has made a cottage basement industry out of examining the torsos of D.C. athletes during their offseasons, might as well acknowledge a guy who seems extremely concerned with maintaining appearances.

And I’m going to rule that his t-shirt is not profane and thus does not violate our decency standards. Hope you agree.

(Via @RBtheshark)