We’re still a month away from the final scheduled Big East meeting between Georgetown and Syracuse. And the rhetoric is already getting amazing.

Because, while the current rivalry might not mean much to younger hoop fans, the past few decades meant an awful lot to an awful lot of people. Including, not surprisingly, ‘Cuse Coach Jim Boeheim.

“I don’t like to think about it,” the longtime coach told Tim Brando’s radio show this week. “And I’m gonna say something I don’t want to say right now — because I try to treat every game the same — but that game will be the most emotional game for me of any game I’ve ever coached in the regular season. By a mile. And I’ve coached a few thousand.

“Georgetown-Syracuse has meant everything to me and the Big East,” he continued. “We had an unbelievable rivalry. It was very heated for a long time, and very amicable for a long time since. I just think of the great games and the great moments we’ve had, and Georgetown’s a part of most of them. It’ll be an emotional, emotional game, there’s no question about that.”

If he’s saying that now, just wait until mid-February. The quotes should be the most emotional of any regular-season quotes you’ve ever read. By a mile.

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* Oh boy. Mike Wise on the Wiz: “If they had another 50- or 52-game sprint that opened in late December [like last season], then Wall and Nene begin the season healthy, and this town is buzzing about a potential playoff team.”

* Feinstein on the Caps: “On the one hand, it is only two games. On the other hand, to paraphrase Yogi Berra, this is a hockey season in which it is going to get late very early.”

* Svrluga on the surprising friendship between Ray Lewis and Michael Phelps.


John Wall to Wise, sounding like RGIII at the bye week:

“We’re not saying we can’t make the playoffs. I know it’s very way out of the way to make the playoffs, thinking you can make it. But we’re not giving up on the season, point-blank, that’s what I’m saying. We go into every game still thinking we got a shot to make it.”



The Wizards are in Utah at 9 at Comcast SportsNet. George Mason visits Towson at 7 on MASN. All TV/Radio listings are here.



Danny Espinosa’s winter beard remains large and dark and luxurious. Via @sarabethmosher via @jackobeam.


You know what Wizards fans don’t miss? Quotes like this about JaVale McGee.”He’s got to understand that lazy and crazy isn’t going to make it work,” George Karl said. “We want solid and we want fundamental, and we want spectacular but only when it happens.”


Who would have imagined a writer — any writer — penning these words about the 2012-2013 Wizards: “Don’t let the record fool you, the Washington Wizards are … dangerous.Not great, but good and getting better. And definitely a little scary these days.”


The Caps’ superfan has a post-lockout problem: no more metal to stomp on. “Verizon Center replaced the removable end zone seats with ones that feature a much harder floor,” Russian Machine reported. “They used to have those ones that were just on sheet metal,’ ” Goat said. “Now they’re like concrete poured into a frame or something. The first time I stomped on these I almost shattered my shin.”

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