The first four years of the Obama White House have come and gone, with many blog posts about Obama and the Caps, but few Presidential appearances in ice rinks.

Now, I’m pretty firmly of the belief that no cachet from a high-profile political visitor is worth even 7.3 seconds of inconvenience for your average fan, no matter your politics. And I’m pretty sure a Presidential visit to a Caps game would involve more than 7.3 seconds of inconvenience.

But clearly, some people would still like to see Obama Rock the Red, however briefly. And thus, this White House Petition:

We petition the obama administration to: Attend a Washington Capitals game, to see the great game of hockey and to promote game attendance after the lockout.

We ask that the President attend a Caps game.

Hockey is a great sport, and Washington has an exciting team, but the President has yet to attend a game. After enduring a prolonged lock-out, the NHL and the local businesses that depend on game attendance could use a show of support. Having the President attend his first game would be the kind of publicity that is needed.

Many places have documented the costs that the lockout had on local businesses, including those surrounding the Verizon Center, with estimates of $100,000 of losses for each game that was not played. Show your support for hockey and local businesses – come to a game and Rock the Red.

As of this writing, ten (10) (1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1) people have signed the petition.

Previously, Caps fans have taunted Tim Thomas with Obama signs, worn an Obama jersey in early voting, worn an Obama jersey to a game, watched Obama speak of Ovechkin, launched Barack the Red web sites, and marveled as the White House responded.

(Via @benjaminsumner)