Last week Dan wrote about cranky people who weren’t impressed by Maryland fans storming the court after the Terps’ win over N.C. State. On top of the list of such people was Seth Davis of CBS Sports, and he defended his “get off my lawn” attitude to the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan.

“I understand that college kids are going to have fun, and the fans are going to have fun,” he said. “If you watch the end of the Maryland game when they beat North Carolina State, Mark Turgeon jumps in the air and pumps his fists. And It wasn’t just the fans rushing the court. The players were going nuts. There was a very high level of celebration.

“Contrast that with [Butler coach] Brad Stevens’s reaction when that shot went in against [Gonzaga]. The players went nuts, the fans went nuts. That’s actually a situation you can understand why they would have that reaction. Brad Stevens, his arms were folded when Roosevelt Jones took the shot. Not only did he not celebrate when the shot goes in, he did not unfold his arms.”

I get it. Act like you’ve been there. But it was Maryland’s first win over a ranked team under Mark Turgeon. Can’t act like you’ve been there unless you’ve actually been there.

“All I’m saying is this,” Davis continued. “Maryland fans were saying, and I wasn’t voting them in my Top 25. I might have ranked them if they hadn’t lost to North Carolina. But Maryland fans are blowing up my Twitter saying, ‘Oh, we’re just as good as that team. We’re just as good as that team.’ You know, you beat the 14th-ranked team in the country by a point and you celebrate like you won something big. You know, you’re either in the game or you’re not, you know what I’m saying? You guys are Maryland fans, Maryland alums, whatever. Are you a little bit embarrassed at that? Just a little bit? Come on.”

I’m going to say with confidence that the Maryland fans who stormed the court that night aren’t embarrassed one bit.