As we barrel toward Saturday’s Nats FanFest, when the team will unveil its newest Racing President mascot thing, there have been repeated guessing games and recommendations all over this here Internet. A few updates.

John McCain weighs in

The former Presidential candidate, who became pals with Teddy last summer, knows whom he’d select. Also, John McCain just tweeted at me. Weird job.

A Presidential historian weighs in

Speaking to, well-known presidential historian Richard Norton Smith reviewed a whole bunch of potential choices. He said that Woodrow Wilson deserves the honor, but that “The easiest choice is FDR. If you are extending what you have already done, FDR is the obvious choice.”

Capital News Service weighs in

The local news consortium thing prepared a graphic on the pros and cons of five choices: William Henry Harrison, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ulysses S. Grant. Weird quintet. Many have made the strong argument that the Nats will avoid any recent presidents to prevent partisan bickering. I think there’s wisdom in that argument.

CNN viewers weigh in

CNN asked viewers to vote for their preference on Facebook. Nixon led the way, followed by FDR and Reagan.