The new ticketing system used by all Verizon Center home teams this season — the Wizards, Caps and Hoyas — caused a few grumbles during the hockey team’s home opener last week. But such systems are pretty clearly the way of the future, a fact driven home by this e-mail some Nats customers received late Friday afternoon.

It’s called “Ultimate Ballpark Access,” and the e-mail describes it as “the next generation of ticketing.”

“Just touch your card at the high-speed turnstiles to enter National Park,” the e-mail says. “You can also redeem rewards points, or purchase and transfer seats instantly…..Share your seats with friends and partners (via their card or Print at Home tickets), or combine rewards points to redeem for seat upgrades, exclusive auctions, and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences throughout the season.”

The e-mail also says that “detailed information will be released to Season Plan Holders in the coming weeks.”