After writing 900 words about the Taft presidency last Friday, events prohibited me from covering Taft’s unveiling at Nats Fest Saturday afternoon. Some observations, based on people who were there.

1) He sort of looks like the Lorax, as Hugh the Chicken Man accurately pointed out.

Taft photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post.

2) He sort of looks like the Monopoly Man, as Reader Andrew accurately pointed out.

Photo via Let Teddy Win.

3) He’s not really fat, as Let Teddy Win and his readers repeatedly pointed out. No fatter than any of his Presidential rivals, anyhow. In fact, he looks to be skinnier than Teddy. Needs a couple Shake Shack burgers, to be honest. Please visit the Let Teddy Win blog and Flickr stream for confirmation.

4) His rivalry with Teddy appears already to be a happening thing. Egged on by Charlie Slowes, Taft made disrespectful motions at the idea of Teddy being his biggest rival, leading Teddy to burst onto the stage and point an accusatory finger in Taft’s direction, as fans whooped and one man said “Uh oh!” Watch the full video below, via YouTube user lfahome, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I, for one, plan on reading at least one book about the 1912 election before April comes along.