Holden and Danny of 106.7 The Fan caught up with Bryce Harper at NatsFest, and learned that the Nats phenom was able to grant Stan Musial a special request before the Cardinals Hall of Famer passed away.

“He asked me for a jersey last year,” Harper told the radio duo. “I was lucky enough to get one back from him. What a great ball player, great role model. What a tough loss for the baseball world. He’s gonna be missed, of course.”

The request came through the Nationals, and Harper said he was surprised by it.

“They just said, ‘Hey, we need a jersey signed and we need you to personalize it’ and whatnot, and I said ‘Okay, to who?’ and they said [Musial] and I was like, woah. What a great honor to sign a jersey for a great Hall of Fame guy like that. I was lucky enough and blessed to have him ask for my autograph.”

Harper also talked about his bromance with Robert Griffin III, whom he hasn’t met in person yet but has exchanged tweets with.

“First of all, I like his socks. I think that’s the coolest thing,” said Harper, who has tweeted pics of himself wearing the socks. “Every Sunday I wore his Adidas socks, actually, for luck or whatever. I’d wear them to church. I thought that was really cool.

“He’s unbelievable,” the outfielder continued. “He’s electric to the max. His game is not just in the pocket. He can run, he can do everything Michael Vick can do and Tom Brady can do. He’s unbelievable. He’s a lot of fun to watch and it’s so exciting to have him in this town with us.”

Electric to the Max T-shirts in 3…2…

If you’re keeping track at home, Harper fall into the group of people who don’t fault RGIII for refusing to leave the Seahawks game after getting hurt.

“He’s the captain of that team,” said Harper. “I would have done the same thing. I’m getting chills right now thinking about it. He wanted that game so bad, and if I’m in Game 5 of the division series and I’m trying to win this game, I’m playing with a broken hand or a broken arm or anything I can do to help my team win, I’m gonna do it. There’s nothing you can do. He’s gonna come back strong as heck next year and I’m excited about that. He’s a warrior out there and I think everyone knows that.”