Possibly the best way to waste time this week is to look through the list of banned D.C. license plates, unearthed by The Government Attic via an open records request and posted in full over at City Paper. The letter from the D.C. DMV’s FOIA Officer describes this as “The Forbidden Tag List,” numbering 68 pages.

Many of the words and phrases listed in the lengthy document are crude and/or profane and/or mysterious and/or ridiculous.

But this is the sports section, and lo and behold, there on page 36, was this: ‘REDSKIN.’

So yes, that’s right, you cannot get a D.C. license plate that says ‘REDSKIN.”

Of course, on the same page are the following banned phrases: REDSX, RDSOX, REDSOX, REDSOX9, REDBIRD, REDS1, REXTACY, REXTASY, ROLTIDE, RLLTIDE, RGASM and RGAZM. I like to believe those last two refer to Robert Griffin III, but I can’t promise.

Also on the list: CAPS1, NAT1 and WIZ. No, I don’t understand any of this.

(Via @News8NewsTalk)