Courtesy Sachin Ohri.
Courtesy Sachin Ohri.


Back when I was young and fun-loving and less interested in transcribing radio interviews for a living, I used to do this bit where readers would send me photos of themselves posting with random D.C. sports figures in random places. And Gilbert Arenas was a particular favorite.

There was Gilbert With Fan in Sony Style. Gilbert With Fan in P.F. Chang’s. Gilbert With Fan in Harris Teeter. Gilbert With Gilbert in Wax Museum. And on and on.

Well, the genre appears not to be dead. Look, it’s Gilbert With Fan in China.

“He recognized me at this place called Shanghai Brewery,” wrote Reader Sachin, pictured on the right above. “I live in the same building as he does and just said what’s up, and we had a few drinks together.”

And yes, Sachin is a born-and-bred D.C. sports fan, because of course Gilbert would run into one of them at the Shanghai Brewery. He grew up playing ice hockey in Silver Spring, went to Blake High, and was the perfect age during the height of Gilbert’s Washington popularity.

“I was born with the D.C. sports gene,” he wrote. “D.C. sports are my life, but it can be frustrating.”

You don’t say. Anyhow, Sachin, 25, finished grad school at Johns Hopkins and is in Shanghai working on a business project. He said he’s seen Gilbert around his apartment complex a few times, and Arenas told him he’d like to join one of several Western Conference teams for a possible playoff run after his Chinese season is over.

And yes, I share your belief that The Post should fly Mike Wise to China before Gilbert departs.