(Mark Gail/The Washington Post)


It’s been a while since I’ve done Last Thing, so I caught up with Cartier Martin on Monday night for a quick round. The Wizards forward talked about his funniest teammate and revealed his soft spot for his son.

Cartier Martin, what was the last…

Movie you saw
“Contagion.” It was pretty good. It just happened to be on at home.

Thing you cooked
I cooked some Manwich two days ago.

Song you downloaded
The T.I. album.

Item of clothing you bought
I just bought a sports jacket to wear to games.

Purchase over $500
Probably a plane ticket.

Last time you laughed
This morning. My man A.J. telling jokes all day. There’s no telling what he’ll say.

Picture you took
A picture of my son and I in the mirror.

Time you cried
About two weeks ago. My son had to leave to go back to Houston. Seeing him leave at the airport was a little sad.

Gift you got
The Beats by Dre Pill from John Wall.

Website you visited