I’m way late on both of these items, but never let the late be the enemy of the good. Or whatever.

So anyhow, above, please find small but amazing images of two D.C. sports collectibles I would be proud to plant in my garden, or display on my shelf, or possibly take as a date to a pancake social.

The Nicklas Backstrom garden gnome will be given out at Tuesday’s Caps game. It apparently has a special magnetic device implanted inside its flowing locks that prevents it from being displayed next to any Alex Ovechkin bobbleheads. Does just great next to Brouwers, though.

Meanwhile, the Potomac Nationals announced plans to give away a half-man half-shark Roger Bernadina figure that simply has to be one of the greatest giveaways in Potomac Nationals history.

“The Washington Nationals outfielder that has been dubbed ‘The Shark,’ Roger Bernadina (2006), will be memorialized in a half-man, half-shark figurine that the P-Nats front office has christened, The Shark-A-rine,” the club said in a release. “This one-of-a-kind, never before seen player figure will serve as a rendering of Bernadina’s days hunting down fly balls in the outfield gaps at The Pfitz like a hungry shark chases its prey.”

The logical next step, of course, is a gnome-shaped half-man half-adorable-pup Jay Beagle giveaway. Might as well feature your first-line center in any promotional efforts. Also considered: a Half-Beagle Half-Crabb Hockey-Player-Shaped Coffee Grinder.

But for real, I want one of those shark things. If you could only have one, which would you prefer?

(Via the Nexus and Sharkadina)