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Niles Paul, Darrel Young on military goodwill trip in Japan

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Niles Paul and Darrel Young are spending their Super Bowl week on a goodwill trip to Japan. It’s not the first such trip for Young, who told me about last year’s travels.

“I ended up going to Honduras and El Salvador, basically just did a tour during the Super Bowl, giving back to the troops,” he told me. “Showing them we support what they do. I had a blast. I had more fun than they did, I think. We played seven-on-seven flag football, they showed me things around the base. My brother’s in the military, so it was nice to learn about what they go through first hand.”

Young also told me that, while he was excited for his first visit to Japan, he was a little nervous about the country’s food offerings.

“I’m going to stick to chicken,” he said. “I’ll try some soup, maybe. But give me chicken, steak, ribs. No extras.”

As for Paul, he has spent his first few days tweeting his adventures.