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Baltimore orchestra performs ‘Hail to the Ravens’

If you’ve always wanted to hear a Ravens fight song sung to the tune of “Toreador Song” from the opera “Carmen,” then this post is for you.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra wrote a Ravens-themed fight song called, “Hail to the Ravens.” I know a few people around these parts who might have a problem with that title. I’m pretty sure this won’t be the official post-touchdown tune, but it does lend some sophistication to the practice of large men tossing each other around a football field.

The video is above, and the orchestra posted the words on their YouTube page if you’re inclined to sing along.

Ravens fans all over Baltimore,
Have just a single goal:
To win the Superbowl.
We’ll watch them proudly,
We’ll cheer them loudly,
And our loyal orchestra will cheer loudest of all!
Everyone in San Francisco too
Would surely sell their soul
To win the Superbowl.
Two teams are gonna play,
One team goes all the way.
Sunday night we’ll see who’s going to rise, who’s going to fall!
All of us here at the Symphony
Expect to see our team bring home the victory.
Here’s to Q and number 52!
Ellerbe and Torrey Smith,
Joe Flacco, T. Sizzle, Haloti,
And Yanda!
Hail to the Ravens, hear the city roar,
Go Baltimore, go Baltimore!
When Ray Rice goes running with the ball, You can’t stop him at all!
The team we’re rooting for
Is bound to score
A win for Baltimore.
Hail to the Ravens, raise your glasses high,
Purple and black, We’ve got their back.
Reed and Pollard will be ready to attack,
Kruger will go for the sack.
The team we’re rooting for
Is bound to score
A win for Baltimore!