Nowadays, we probably wouldn’t lionize a linebacker for ending a quarterback’s career with a crushing hit leading to a concussion, but a decade ago was a different time. And even Redskins fans who later criticized LaVar Arrington for all sorts of perceived faults still felt fondly about his hit on Troy Aikman, which sent the Dallas legend into broadcasting.

“I saw that streak going across the field, and I thought, ‘There goes LaVar,’ ” Sam Huff said in 2001, a year after the hit. “Man, he put him out! I knew he had arrived.”

“Here’s the man that retired Troy Aikman. Remember that?” Huff said at the following year’s Welcome Home Luncheon, “almost sounding proud,” according to The Post.

“I enjoy it when they show it, because I don’t remember when it happened,” Aikman later said on a Fox broadcast.

Well, the Super Bowl brings lots of people together, and this year it brought Arrington together with the man whose career he ended. WJFK program director Chris Kinard tweeted these photos of Aikman and LaVar from New Orleans on Thursday night. Strange sight.

By the way, the hit came in Terry Robiskie’s first game as interim Skins head coach, which I had forgotten. And Washington lost.

(Full disclosure: I do a weekly web video thing with LaVar, and he once invited me to a Halloween Party at his house, although I didn’t go because I had no costume.)