Obviously Robert Griffin III was going to do a terrific job narrating ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown piece on Doug Williams, because Robert Griffin III does a terrific job of everything.

(And take that, people who say I’m overly critical of everything Redskins.)

Anyhow, based on this preview of the piece that ESPN posted on Thursday, he is indeed a natural.

“When we do stuff like this, we’ve always used celebrity voices,” said ESPN.com senior writer Greg Garber, who worked on the piece and wrote the script. “So you’re kicking around for this one Denzel Washington, Jay-Z, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, the usual suspects. You want a real legendary voice. And the more we thought about it, we thought, ‘Well, there is a guy who plays the same position for the same team 25 years later….”

So Garber’s team reached out to RGIII’s agent, who directed them to Redskins PR guy Tony Wyllie, who brokered the arrangement. Garber sent nine tracks, a producer and a sound guy to RGIII, who was rehabbing his knee injury. The quarterback did three takes of every track, and “in many cases, the first was just as good as the last,” Garber told me.

“It’s a wonderfully appropriate thing for him to do, and he did a wonderful job,” he said. “We worry about guys who haven’t done this professionally before, but as my producer said, RGIII is ridiculously good at anything he does.”

In addition to the RGIII narration, the piece includes interviews with Williams and his son, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, John Elway, Al Sharpton, Joe Gibbs and Darrell Green.