If you’ve seen any of London Fletcher’s recent stints as an NFL analyst, you probably realized pretty quickly that you’re going to see plenty of him on television, even after he retires. The guy is already an above-average analyst —  honest, and insightful, and not afraid to speak his mind.

The Redskins‘ longtime defensive stalwart spent much of Super Bowl week as a contributor for CBS Sports Network, and he was never stronger than when asked about HGH testing in the NFL.

“I’ve got a message for my union: Stop the posturing and get the HGH testing done,” Fletcher said. “It’s time to get it done. You know, I think it’s more prevalent in our league than you would think. There’s probably more than 10 percent of guys taking HGH. And we have to get it out.

“As a player who’s [been in the league] for 15 years and has done it the right way, I want a good, clean game,” he continued. “I want a level playing surface. I don’t want to have all this posturing and ‘Oh, well, can we trust the credibility of this guy, this test?’ and all that. Stop the madness and let’s get the test done.”