Ray Lewis and humility. Jordan Crawford and indecision. Stephen Strasburg and loquacious. Mike Wise and silence. They just don’t seem to be matches.

Likewise for Dan Snyder and patience. And yet, that was the word he used during an interview with NBC Washington’s Dan Hellie and Comcast SportsNet’s Rob Carlin in New Orleans Saturday night.

“Dan what is it like for you to experience a season like you did where everything was so positive, and the future is so bright after having such a rocky road for the last decade?” Hellie asked before the NFL awards ceremony.

“Well, we’ve had some good years,” Snyder answered. “A few good years. And when we were 3-6, it was hurtin’. But after the bye week, we got on a roll. And good things do happen if you’re patient. And we’re just excited about our future now. Our future’s really looking great.”

Since I transcribed 9 million words from Ted Leonsis, and his critics accused me of giving him space to spin without casting a critical eye on his comments, might as well provide the rest of Snyder’s brief interview.

Hellie: “Being here, seeing this, I know you guys come every year, does it just kind of whet the appetite?”

Snyder: “Yeah. It hurts a little bit, but we’re looking forward to the future. The future’s bright.”

Hellie: “How nice is it to see Robert walking?”

Snyder: “Unbelievable. He’s making great progress, and he’s just a great athlete. Works HARD. Does he work hard.  It’s something to be proud of.”

Carlin: “I say about Robert a lot that he’s really kind of changed this franchise in so many different ways. Do you feel almost lucky you were able to get him and bring him in here and make this difference?”

Snyder: “Yes. Yeah. We’re lucky to have him, and his family. Just good people. He’s a great face of our franchise. And we’re just looking forward to next season.”

(Images via @_JakeRussell, CSN Washington and @recordsANDradio)