(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


In the same Sporting News baseball yearbook I mentioned earlier, a sidebar called “A scout’s take on OF Bryce Harper” had this to say about the Nats outfielder:

I know there’s been a ton of hype, but he’s legit. I’ve been very impressed by what he’s done. One concern I have is it’s hard to be the Michael Jordan of baseball. Baseball is not that kind of sport. He’s trying to be the Michael Jordan of baseball. You have to accept some failure. There’s going to be rough times. You can’t think you’re going to dominate all the time. He was pushed so fast, he has not had that gigantic slump yet. How would he handle it? He needs to watch his swing. It’s too big when he tries to hit home runs. He might not be a Hall of Fame player. He might not even be Mike Trout, but he’s pretty darn good.

I can think of worse things than for a 20-year-old phenom to want to be the “Michael Jordan of baseball.” I mean, if an anonymous editor accused me of wanting to be the “Michael Jordan of blogging,” I’d be cool with it. Although I’m pretty sure Dan is the Michael Jordan of blogging. Minus the endorsements, of course.